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Fansace mattress technology combats poor sleep health

We spend so much time in bed that it’s important we don’t just think of sleep as “something we all do” or “time spent in bed”. It should be more...

We spend so much time in bed that it’s important we don’t just think of sleep as “something we all do” or “time spent in bed”. It should be more a question of when, where, why and how we can all sleep better.

A recent survey found that almost 23% of adults in the UK only get between 5 and 6 hours of sleep per night. Studies show that a lack of sleep can be detrimental to both physical and mental health. But instead of worrying about sleep, you may be able to improve your sleeping patterns simply by replacing your mattress. Scientific research underpins the development of certain mattress technologies, such as those used for Fansace mattresses. Scientific rigour is combined with years of sector experience to create products that allow you to stay relaxed and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Just what the doctor ordered.

In fact, Fansace mattress range was developed in collaboration with researchers from the Orthopaedic Advisory Board. The findings from this world-leading group of surgeons and academics, who are experts in spinal research, established two pillars of knowledge. The pillars inform how Sealy continues to develop their new and patented technologies in products across the world.

The Posturepedic Principle

The ideal sleeping position for the body is the same as a person's standing position. A mattress is considered to be orthopaedically correct when it supports the body in this alignment.

To provide the best support, your mattress should allow your spine to maintain its neutral posture whilst you sleep. This will help to reduce muscular tension and strain. 

The Posturepedic Support Criteria

These criteria define the ideal range of movement for male and female sleepers on their back and sides. The criteria are designed to eliminate misalignment, improve sleep and help reduce backache.

Ultimately, technology such as that seen in Fansace mattress range has been developed to help people get a better night’s sleep. They can do this by using products that are based on real and applicable scientific research and knowledge. This technology provides correct support by aligning the body position during rest, helping prevent aches and pains.

What we lose when we lose sleep

As we’ve mentioned, a lack of sleep can have a very real, physical impact. A poor sleeping environment not only risks back and neck issues, the body also requires time spent sleeping so it can regenerate tissue and grow muscle. If we don’t have adequate time, our ability to perform everyday tasks can suffer.

A lack of sleep can even have a financial impact. Research shows that 200,000 working days are lost each year in the UK due to workers not getting enough sleep.

And of course, both a lack of sleep and the consequences of losing sleep can directly affect mental health, leading to stress, anxiety and depression.


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