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How to compare mattresses: 9 selection criteria

The best mattress is the one that suits you according to all criteria. Considering that the mattress is a long-term and expensive purchase, and you will sleep on it every night,...

The best mattress is the one that suits you according to all criteria. Considering that the mattress is a long-term and expensive purchase, and you will sleep on it every night, the choice of that very one must be approached responsibly.

In order for you to choose the most comfortable and correct mattress for yourself, we tell you 9 comparison criteria: 4 basic and 5 clarifying, additional ones. And if you have any questions - write in the comments.  

1. Compare mattresses in terms of firmness

The choice of stiffness is the basic parameter that you should pay attention to when buying a mattress. By the way, this is the first question that the consultant in the store will ask you.

Rigidity is an individual characteristic of a mattress, which is assigned in the production of each model on a scale from 1 to 5. Where 1 is the minimum rigidity (the mattress will be very soft), and 5 is the maximum rigidity.

Everything is simple here, we proceed from your personal feelings and general rules for age and weight. If you want a firmer mattress, choose the firmest of all models. Looking for comfort and softness - then choose a mattress with a firmness below average.

2. We compare mattresses by "shades" of rigidity

Yes, you have already chosen the firmness, but please note that even with the same firmness of the mattress indicated in the characteristics, your personal feelings may differ significantly. This is normal, because stiffness is a subjective parameter. That is why it is important to lie on the mattress in the store.

3. Compare mattresses by the load on the bed

So, you have understood that you feel good in terms of comfort on the mattress, now you need to understand that you are also suitable for the mattress. This will help determine the load indicator on the bed. In other words, make sure that your weight falls within the allowable range. Of course, if you choose between models designed for 80 and 140 kg, and you yourself weigh 75, then it is better to choose a mattress with a load of 140 kg.

4. Compare mattresses by the difference in the load on the bed

Especially this comparison parameter is important to consider for couples with a large difference in weight. Of course, other things being equal, it is better to give preference to either springless mattresses or mattresses on an independent spring block.

If you choose between dependent and independent spring block, give preference to independent. If you are comparing springless and independent, also other things being equal, opt for a mattress with an independent spring unit.

If the first 4 criteria can be called basic, then we’ll talk about “advanced settings” that will help make the choice even more accurate.

5. Compare mattresses by material composition

Mattresses similar in terms of stiffness and load on a sleeping place may differ in composition. Different composition - different characteristics of materials. Here you can choose according to a number of criteria: strength, durability, naturalness, etc. In the near future we will prepare an article on this topic and a link will appear here. For now, you can focus on the description of the materials in the product card.

6. Compare mattresses by cover 

The cover in the mattress in appearance and to the touch can differ significantly. In the online store to touch, of course, there is no way. But we made a very detailed description of the materials in the product card.

Also note that there are materials that are simply comfortable and pleasant, and there are technological ones that will provide thermoregulation during sleep. Other things being equal, we advise you to focus on the latter.
mattress comparison by cover fabric

7. Compare mattresses by spring block

Choose from models on an independent spring block - pay attention not to springs. Of course, any mattress of this type is focused on better anatomical support compared to springless models and models with a dependent spring block. But there are differences.

  • Zoning. I liked two models, but one of them has a zonal spring block - choose this particular model. The advantage is that springs of different elasticity are used for each zone. Therefore, the support of a zonal mattress is better,

  • more precise, the load is more evenly distributed.

  • Type of spring block. Yes, there are several types of independent spring block, depending on which springs are included in it in diameter. It is better to choose a mattress with more springs per bed. It more accurately repeats the contours of the body, makes the support more anatomical.

Other things being equal, it is better to give preference to an independent and zonal spring block.

8. Compare mattresses by height

If it makes no sense to compare mattresses by size, because there is only one option that is correct - the mattress must match the size of the bed. So you can compare in terms of height.

mattress height comparison

Please note that if your compared mattresses differ in composition, for example, a spring block and a springless one, then it is better to compare, focusing on other parameters, leaving the height of the mattress for “dessert”. If the models have the same composition, then you can compare the height without regard to other criteria.

9. Compare mattresses by price

Well, already in the final, we recommend evaluating the selected models precisely by cost. Why in the final? Because a mattress is a purchase that you will use every day for several years. First of all, you should be comfortable sleeping on it, and secondly, it should suit you in terms of weight and characteristics. Only after that it is worth making a choice on the price.

Now you know exactly how to choose the best model for you. You can safely go to the catalog of mattresses and select the option according to your criteria and requirements.


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