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Which filler to choose for a mattress: types and characteristics of fillers

Hello, friends! Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of mattresses. They differ in the level of rigidity, internal filling, the presence or absence of spring blocks. And first of all, fillers provide a...

Hello, friends! Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of mattresses. They differ in the level of rigidity, internal filling, the presence or absence of spring blocks. And first of all, fillers provide a comfortable sleep. The quality of sleep, which means the well-being and mood that will accompany a person throughout the day, will depend on their correct choice. As well as from good bed linen .

How to choose a filler for a mattress and not get confused in their large assortment, this article will help. Consider the different types and characteristics of each.

Fillers for mattresses - types and their pros and cons

Conventionally, all fillers can be divided into three large groups.


From the name it is clear that they are made from natural materials, which can be of animal origin (bird fluff, animal hair, horsehair) or vegetable (coir coir, natural latex, banana abacus, sisal or cactus fibers, seaweed).


They are obtained by synthetic transformations of various chemical compounds. There are many such materials on the market today. The most famous of them:

  • polyurethane foam
  • people
  • Struttofiber
  • holofiber
  • periotheca
  • Memoriform
  • periotheca.


This type of filler is a mixed material, which includes artificial substances with the addition of natural ones. These include:

  • soy foam
  • bicocos
  • periotek and others.

Modern mixed fillers are distinguished not only by their affordable price, but sometimes by improved indicators of strength, rigidity and elasticity.

Each type has its pros and cons. So natural materials will ensure durability, environmental safety, some types of coir or horse hair will create maximum rigidity, and camel or sheep wool will provide comfortable conditions for sleeping in the cold season. But the cost of natural fillers, unlike artificial ones, is high.

Artificial layers will provide elasticity and reliable support for the back at an affordable price. And memory foam perfectly follows the contours of the body, providing maximum comfort. But synthetic fillers have a shorter lifespan.

Which filler to choose for a mattress: characteristics of different types

Let us examine in more detail separately the most popular types of materials.

Filler polyurethane foam

This is the name of artificial latex - a synthetic material made from styrene and butadiene monomers.

According to its characteristics, polyurethane foam is similar to its natural counterpart, but it is much cheaper than natural.

It has elasticity and well supports the body of a sleeping person. It is somewhat stiffer than natural latex, but more comfortable than struttofibre.

PPU does not cause allergic reactions, has good air and moisture conductivity.

An artificial latex mattress is guaranteed to last 7-10 years.

Ergo Foam filler is considered one of the best. It is polyurethane foam with increased density and optimal elasticity. Its surface has a small relief, which provides a light massage effect on the skin of the sleeper. The main characteristics of Ergo Foam are:

  1. Anatomy. Thanks to the foam structure, the material adapts perfectly to the contours of the user's body.
  2. Hypoallergenic. The foam is not suitable for the life of dust mites, saprophytes and other microelements, therefore it does not cause allergic reactions even in sensitive people.
  3. Environmental Safety. The material does not smell, does not emit toxic substances.
  4. Hygiene. Thanks to the foam structure, it passes air well, does not accumulate moisture and odors.
  5. Micromassage. The relief surface easily massages the skin, therefore blood microcirculation improves, there is no feeling of numbness and goosebumps if a person lies in one position for a long time.
  6. Dent resistance and durability.

The elastic properties of Ergo Foam make it as similar to natural latex as possible. But the affordable price makes it an additional attraction.


This synthetic non-woven material consists of polyester fibers twisted into tight spirals, arranged vertically. Due to this structure, it is very elastic. Quickly returns to its original shape after the termination of the load, dents and punching are not formed on it.

In addition to synthetics, various natural fibers can be added to the strut fiber:

  • Len
  • camel or goat hair
  • horsehair
  • coconut coir.

Struttofiber mattresses are hypoallergenic, breathable, do not retain moisture and odors, provide elastic support for the body during sleep, and have a rather long period of use, about 10 years.

The only negative is that these mattresses are not suitable for overweight people.

coconut coir

A fiber obtained from the processing of coconut palm nuts.

In order to make the fibers more resistant to breakage and resilience, they are latexized, a process of processing with liquid natural latex. The result is an elastic and durable filler that is resistant to deformation and able to withstand heavy loads.

Coconut coir mattresses are effective orthopedic products that provide excellent support for the spine in a physiologically correct position.

At the same time, such mattresses are durable, their service life is 15 years or more.

They do not exfoliate, they are hygroscopic.

Coir has natural antibacterial properties, dust mites and other microorganisms will not live in it. It does not cause allergies.

And only a rather high price is a minus of this material.


The flooring of their bicocos belongs to the low-budget options for mattresses. The composition of such a filler includes 50-80% coconut coir and 20-50% polyester additives.

In the production process, coconut fibers and polyester are mixed until smooth, and then subjected to high temperature treatment. In this case, the polyester fibers are melted and connect the coconut fibers together. The result is a dense material that provides reliable body support.

Bicocos is hygroscopic, breathable, does not cause allergies in the user, and at the same time has a low cost. But the service life of such a filler is 5-7 years. And in relation to the latex coir, it loses in rigidity.

Ortho Foam

Synthetic foam based on polyester compounds and produced by cold foaming.

Its properties are close to natural latex, so its other name is orthopedic foam.

Orto Foam is characterized by high rates of elasticity and resilience. Foam well reproduces the contours of the body of a sleeping person, providing excellent anatomical support for the body, does not cause allergies, does not absorb odors and moisture, quickly restores its shape after the end of the load, does not wrinkle.

Orthopedic foam has a light massage effect, which creates more comfortable conditions for sleep.

Memory Foam

The unique material was developed back in the middle of the last century to reduce the gravitational load on astronauts during takeoffs and landings of spacecraft. Later, this technology was adapted and improved for use as mattress fillers.

Synthetic foam adapts to the physiological parameters of the sleeping person's body: its weight, body shape and temperature and does not exert back pressure on tissues.

A feature of this material is that under the influence of temperature its structure becomes viscous, and under the influence of weight it repeats all the physiological contours of the body. After the termination of loading already in 7-10 seconds the material completely restores the form. The absence of back pressure on tissues creates a feeling of floating in weightlessness and promotes maximum relaxation of muscles, ligaments and joints.

Memory foam is quite durable.

A mattress from a good manufacturer does not require regular turning.

Over time, the foam can only change its color, acquiring darker shades. The structure of the material and characteristics remain the same.

natural latex

The basis for the production of this filler is the juice of the evergreen hevea tree.

Pure, unadulterated rubber obtained from juice is an unstable compound - it decomposes under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and any fatty acids. Isoprene monomer is added to stabilize the substance.

The filler made of such rubber provides high-quality elastic support to the body, adapting to the contours of the sleeping person's body, and quickly responds to any movements and changes in posture.

The porous structure of the material provides good air and moisture conductivity.

Natural latex is very resistant to wear, it is practically not subject to punching and crushing, its service life is at least 15 years.


We spend a third of our life in sleep. It depends on the quality of the mattress whether we can fully relax during the night, gain strength for a new day.

A properly selected mattress will allow you to forget about morning back pain, stiffness of muscles and joints, nightly waking up from an uncomfortable posture.

Therefore, it is important to choose a mattress filler that will satisfy all requirements.


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