California King size

Introduction to California King Size Mattresses:

A California King Size mattress is an oversized mattress commonly used in the United States, typically measuring 72 inches in width by 84 inches in length (approximately 183 centimeters by 213 centimeters). In comparison to the standard King Size mattress, the California King Size mattress is longer but slightly narrower, providing extra length for those who require more spacious sleeping space.

Target Consumer Demographics for California King Size Mattresses:

  1. Tall Individuals: California King Size mattresses are the preferred choice for tall individuals because of the extra length, allowing them to have ample legroom and stretch comfortably.

  2. Couples: For couples, California King Size mattresses offer both the necessary width and additional length, ensuring that two individuals can enjoy spacious and comfortable shared sleep.

  3. Spacious Bedroom Homes: Families with ample bedroom space may opt for California King Size mattresses to achieve the utmost comfort and space.


  • Tall Individuals: California King Size mattresses are particularly suitable for tall individuals as they provide the extra length required to stretch their legs without constraint.

  • Couples: Designed for couples seeking spacious and comfortable shared sleep, California King Size mattresses ensure both individuals can rest comfortably.

  • Homes with Spacious Bedrooms: Homes with generous bedroom space can select California King Size mattresses, especially when looking for extra comfort and sleeping space.

California King Size mattresses offer a spacious solution for those in need of extra length or width. They are ideal for tall individuals, couples seeking roomy shared sleep, and families with spacious bedrooms.

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