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  • 1. Eco-friendly Recycled PET FabricRecycled Ocean Plastic fabric is made from plastic bottle, specially woven for optimal comfort, naturally biodegradable, breathable and wear-resistant.
  • 2. Wavy Comfort Convoluted Foam Thick convoluted foam has good shock absorption properties. It can absorb impacts and vibrations from the outside, reducing their impact on the body and providing a more stable and calm environment.
  • 3. Smart Memory Foam Memory foam gradually rebounds and conforms to the body's contours based on pressure and temperature. It can effectively distribute body pressure, reducing pressure on joints and pressure points.
  • 4. Upgraded Normal Foam Normal foam has a soft and elastic texture, which provides a comfortable sleeping surface. It can adapt to the curves of the body, relieve pressure points, and provide good support and cushioning.
  • 5. Five-zone Independent Pocket Spring ① Personalized support: provide personalized support for each part of the human body based on the pressure distribution of each part.
    ② Noise reduction: effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated by the mattress during use.
    ③ Better breathability: The pocket spring allows free air circulation, improves the breathability of the mattress, and reduces excessive sweating and odor.
    ④Avoiding interference: reduce swing and transfer on the mattress, avoiding interference with another person in the bed during night sleep.
  • Eco-friendly Recycled PET Fabric
  • Wavy Comfort Convoluted Foam
  • Smart Memory Foam
  • Upgraded Normal Foam
  • Five-zone Independent Pocket Spring

Brand Concept

Dream It Yourself

Dream It Yourself (DIY) is the unique philosophy of Fansace brand, aiming to create a dreamlike sleeping experience for each customer through personalized product design and consumer customization. We firmly believe that everyone has unique sleep needs and preferences. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a range of customizable products.

In DIY, customers are not just consumers but dream creators. We encourage you to actively participate in the design process of your sleep experience, ensuring that your bedding perfectly aligns with your individual needs, creating a dreamlike sanctuary just for you. Choose DIY, and turn your dreams into reality by experiencing an unparalleled, uniquely tailored ultimate sleep.

Customize Your Sleep

Customize Your Sleep is our commitment to personalized sleep experiences.

With our meticulously developed pillow products and the upcoming mattress series, we offer a comprehensive range of customization options. Each pillow is carefully designed to cater to various sleep preferences and needs. The forthcoming mattress series will continue this philosophy, allowing you to tailor your sleep experience to your liking. What's even more exciting is our upcoming modular bed collection, providing customers with the opportunity to create a truly unique sleep sanctuary. At Customize Your Sleep, we don't just provide products; we craft a personalized, comfortable, and distinctive journey into sleep for you.

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